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HOW TO GET A COMMISSIONMy commissions usually open on the 1st of each month.I will post a link to Google docs form where you will be able to submit your commission request. The form will be open for majority of the day.When the form closes, I will go through all of the applications and select between 7-15 requests that I am interested in. I will contact the selected applicants with a quote.If the quote is approved I will then send over an invoice via PayPal to be paid within 24hrs.Please see my TOS for information about how I work, updates and more.The following prices are in EuroExtra characters are +50-75%


Icon commissions include a headshot of the character(s) with an expression of your choice!



Halfbody commissions include a halfbody shot of the character(s) from the waist-and-up with a pose and expression of your choice!



Fullbody commissions include a fullbody shot of the character(s) from head-to-toe with a pose and expression of your choice!



Chibi commissions include a simplified, cutesy-style piece of the character(s) with a pose and expression of your choice!



A double-sided flat colour reference sheet of the character at a 3/4 angle with additional infoClothed version & extras available at an extra cost



  • Digital artwork for badges

  • Digital art designs for Merchandise

  • Reference sheets

  • NSFW for 18+ clients

  • Kinks such as: Bondage, Size difference, pegging, tentacles etc (Ask if unsure)

  • Comics (to be discussed via DMs before openings)

  • Promotional art


  • Hard kinks such as: Vore, Scat, Rape, Diapers, Micro / Macro, Inflation, Pregnancy, Feral, Hyper (Ask if unsure)

  • Animalistic genitals - all genitals will be drawn similar to that of a human's

  • Gore / Heavy blood or characters in pain

  • Custom character designs (meaning I won't design a character for you for a commission, I need a reference to work from to be able to accept your commission)

  • Complex characters - this is subject to design

  • 18+ of characters that's canon age is under 18 or appear to have the body of a minor (loli, cub etc)

Don't see an answer to what you want to commission on this list? Just message me about your idea and I can let you know if I'm interested and even get you a quote!

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For business inquiries, please e-mail me at: [email protected]