Commission info

COMMISSIONS OPEN 1ST OF EACH MONTH FOR LIMITED SLOTS!On the 1st of each month I will publish a link to a Google form where I will be accepting commission applications.The form is typically open for about 6 hours from when I post the link. During this time you are able to submit up to 3 commissions requests.Once the form closes (later the same day) I will go through and select between 10-15 applications that I am interested in working on.If I have accepted your commission, you will be contacted with an exact quote within 24hrs.If you accept the quote you will be sent an invoice and given 24hrs to pay said invoice. If you fail to pay the invoice your commission slot will be terminated.Please read my TOS which can be found here:
Prices are in Euro € and are subject to change based on complexity of the character / commission. Additional characters cost +50-75%


Icon commissions include a headshot of the character(s) with an expression of your choice!


Bust commissions include art of the character(s) from the chest-up with pose / expression of your choice!


Halfbody commissions include art of the character(s) from the waist-up with pose / expression of your choice!


Fullbody commissions include art of the character(s) from their head to their toes with pose / expression of your choice!

*Dakimakura (body pillow) designs are €125 per side (Digital only!)


Chibi commissions include a cutesy, chibi-proportioned version of the character(s) with pose / expression of your choice!


I also offer NSFW commissions, stylized artwork, comics and more!NSFW COMMISSIONSNSFW commissions prices are the same as the prices listed above but may cost extra depending on what you're after~You may be required to provide proof of age (18+) when requesting a NSFW commission!PLEASE NOTE: I only draw human-shaped (or similar) pps. I will not draw knots or anything resembling animal genitaliaSTYLIZED ARTStylized art such as candy gore, fruit gore, plush gore etc does not cost any extra and it is something that I am very fond of! :DCOMICSComics do not have a set price list but I am interested in accepting more short comic commissions!If you are interested in getting a comic commission give as much information about the comic idea as you can on the Google form when I am open or let me know if you would like me to come up with something based on a theme of your choosing :)I recommend discussing the comic idea with me in DMs beforehand! But please only contact me if you are serious :)(Comic commissions will be expensive! Please bare in mind a single page will be €200 at the very least!)


- Furries
- Humans / Humanoids
- Stylized gore
- NSFW (18+)
- Multiple characters
- Revamp existing characters
- Fanart / Game or show characters
- SFW art with my characters
- Comics
- Detailed scenes / backgrounds
- Complex characters
- NSFW with my characters
- Design character commissions
- Cub / Loli / Shota / Underage NSFW
- Live2D / Facerigs
- NSFW commissions with minors
- Feral NSFW
- Diapers
- Micro / Macro
- Inflation / Vore
- Pregnancy
- Characters in pain
- Violence / graphic / Realistic gore
- Hate speech / Bullying
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns :) I will get back to you asap!